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Assed MeNam Joins The Comedy Club…

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The Comedy Club (UK)

Assed MeNam was born in a cornfield.Outside the city of Mecca, Arabia. His journey into Comedy WAS an arranged marriage, as was his discovery of Musical interests – The Birdy Song his favourite.
At Christmas Assed MeNam, is one of the best Robin Hood characters the West End Police have ever known, while his Comedy Journey has brought much wonder whether he is human at all.

Triumphantly dominating the island of Se’Crae, Assed moved into Professional Comedy, while holding down a part-time job at ‘The Fireman’s Grill’ in the North of Scotland. When his big break came in 2002 with a Cameo appearance in the Digital Bulldog film “Rat Arsed Chav’s”, he then focused his attention on Britain, and the welcoming Comedy Stores all over the country.

“Britain seemed like the perfect place to extend my appreciation of Comedy as a whole, as did a lot of Entertainers in the Comedy business. The journey is great when every now and then beautiful women come up to you after the show and tell me they want to have babies with a Comedian – I mean, that’s material just there. Management is good, we have Hash (Of The Hash Express Ultimate) as our Commander in Chief, so we have no worries about getting the right gigs, though some are a little seedy, but nothing that ends in a bad night.” Assed MeNam told us.

There were tears of laughter at the 2010 Canter Comedy Awards, when Assed MeNam was late for the ceremony…

“I’d just got off the Canter flight and jumped into a waiting taxi – or what I thought was a waiting taxi – and called to the driver to step on it. After a couple of minutes we both began to suspect that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, especially when the driver was waiting for someone, but definitely not me. I’m 100% sure that I was mute at that moment when he pointed a pistol in my face and began screaming boys names at me. Eventually he let me go without any violence, but to be honest, I was shitting myself, and I believe that is the reason why he let me go.”

At school in Wolverhampton, Assed MeNam was always the prankster, mixing up feelings during his classes and being the everyday joker in the pack. But, it was when he went to University that things really started picking up for him, and soon he was on his way to the Major Leagues…

“When The Comedy Club approached me and offered a great opportunity, admittedly, I was a little cautious. We were talking Old School Social Network, basic Blogging capabilities and, the name of the guy that approached me was the Front Runner of The Hash Express Ultimate Blog Site – converted in much controversy by the Do Gooders’ who have never had the right to condemn something that they themselves have never tried. I’ve tried censorship and to be honest, I fucking hate it. Something in that BS gives me chronic indigestion and a migraine. But yes, I was converted into being Human by the great ‘Global Hasher’ himself and started doing material for “The MKDS Comedy Club.

Global World News asked Assed MeNam what exclusive material has he got in store for his “Assed Re-Tour Special” that he is serving up for “The Comedy Club” tomorrow night at 9.00pm GMT?

The ‘Assed Re-Tour Special‘ has quite a lot of new material throughout the three night gig, with a little Old School gags that will give a lot of viewers some idea of why Comedy had to take a totally new direction during the 1980′s. In tomorrow night’s gig I’ll be looking at present day shit, as well as putting a helping of past and future too. The Nan gag seems to work a lot better for warming up the audience, though I feel that the subject of Politics has to be a little lightly trodden. But altogether, my contract states a minimum of twenty-five jokes within one gag, so who knows what the hell is going to come out of my mouth?”

Assed MeNam comes to The Comedy Club tomorrow evening at 9.00pm @TheComedyClub(UK)…Are You Listening?

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